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Steve Novotney Says, "My Teachers"

If Ms. Scaffidi would not have encouraged me to create a “Wow” magazine, I may have been too intimidated to accept a position that required creating and publishing an MLB newspaper.

If Mrs. Morton didn’t instruct me with my grammar I may have wandered off into a completely different direction after completing my formal education.

Mr. Sacco insisted I pay attention during our West Virginia History class, and if he did not care, I may not have learned how our state became the 35th in the United States.

If Mrs. McGeary did not engage my mind when it was spinning with nothing but sports, I may not have earned the grades that kept me eligible to play during high school.

If Mr. Sprague did not accept to serve as my guidance counselor, I would not have learned a plethora of life lessons not to mention the intricacies of the game of baseball.

Mr. Fisher called on me every day during his English classes, but if he had not done that I may have never discovered how much I enjoy reading everything from novels to periodicals.

If Mr. Hon had not offered extra help with my higher-level math classes, I may not have graduated from high school.

If Mr. Diorio did not serve as my headmaster, I really cannot tell you where I would have ended up.

Had not Dr. David Thomas and Jack Hattman become mentors of mine soon after my arrival to college, I may have surrendered my education once baseball ended for me.

Bill Hanna, Gray Williamson, and Kathy Swift taught me the basics of journalism and have remained in contact with me to offer ideas for evolving my career, and without that continued contact I could have chosen a new way to earn a living.

Chris Lee then showed me how I could bring journalism to the airwaves no matter what topics I wished to cover while broadcasting in college and as a professional here in the Upper Ohio Valley.

These difference makers, and many others not mentioned, represent the reasons why I support our teachers in West Virginia and will continue doing so. When I see my former teachers and professors today, I embrace them and I thank them again and again because without them in my life, well, who really knows what kind of life it would be.