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Howard's Commentary - Who Has the Vision?

How long will WV GOP put the politics of personal destruction ahead of the welfare of the state and the benefit of its working men and women?

Governor Jim Justice--and Justice alone--has developed a "business plan" that puts the Mountain State on a path to improvement.

Justice--and only Justice--has created a plan that puts 48,000 West Virginians to work, that improves our roads and highways, and paves the way for on-going economic growth.

Justice--and Justice alone--wants to raise the pay of teachers.

Governor Justice begins with a vision and crafts an action plan to implement it.

While Republican leadership in the legislature offers its "cut and cower" budget outline, the state GOP party continues press releases on Justice's unpaid taxes.

Should he pay them? You bet!

Is it relevant to the proposals he made, the plans he proposed, or the vision he offers? Not a bit.

But the GOP wants to rile you up about Jim Justice personally so you won't pay attention to their own lack of vision.

The party's "vision" for years has been to vilify the opposition and ignore serious policy discussions.