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Howard's Commentary - Seriously, Just Stop It

Social media is a great way to share, vent, and debate. But I have noticed lately it's becoming the venue of bitch by the lightly aggrieved.

There are always restaurants with occasional bad food, retail stores with examples of bad service.

Complain to the manager, and your spouse, don't go back if it bothers you enough.

But these days, folks get online, scream, bitch,moan. Act as if their world has been turned upside down. Purposely damage a business' reputation simply because their fries at lunch were cold.

Then a bunch of other whiners (using triple exclamation marks) join the chorus and cheer them on.

Stop it.

Children died in Manchester, families in Syria are displaced by the thousands. America's social safety net is being shredded.

Eat your fries. Don't eat your fries. But for God's sake stop acting like your silly little personal affront is an attack on civilization.