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Blog Posts in March, 2017

Steve Novotney Says, "Is He Herman Munster?"

At least during my formidable years the American president has served as something of a father figure beginning with Jimmy Carter and then Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Carter, when I entered ...
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Howard's Commentary - "Meet 'cha At The Cork"

I was more of an Alpha beer drinker in my high school, college, and early working days. I would occasionally foray downtown but stayed mainly "Out The Pike". Alpha, Macs, Whistlestop. But ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Here's What We Do Know"

But what is really going to follow the Health Plan anyway? No one worked inside the old Stone & Thomas building for a few years, but even now that more than 500 folks walk through the doors each ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "I'm Going to Eat It Anyway"

So, it didn't happen again. Not even a flake. Although it wasn't the storm that crushed the East Coast this week, the National Weather Service predicted initially 4-7 inches for these parts ...
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Howard's Commentary - Who Has the Vision?

How long will WV GOP put the politics of personal destruction ahead of the welfare of the state and the benefit of its working men and women? Governor Jim Justice--and Justice alone--has developed a ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Want Uber? Here's How."

It's a fun slogan to chant – "38 is Great!" An Uber official already has explained to Wheeling officials that the city does not possess the population density the company requires. ...
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Howard's Commentary - Leadership is Expected to LEAD

We now have an outline of the WV GOP leadership budget—and it is as expected. "Cut and cower" until some magic event makes everything right. Public ed, higher ed, DHHR among those to ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Caring for Vets Not a Partisan Issue"

It's House Bill 2625. A BILL to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new article, designated §5B-2I-1, §5B-2I-2, §5B-2I-3 and §5B-2I-4, all ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "This Should Be National News"

It's a fun slogan to chant – "38 is Great!" But it's much more than just great. It should be national news. The Wheeling Park Speech and Debate Team captured its 38 th ...
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Howard's Commentary - The Con is On

GOP leadership in WV is trying to pull a fast one. They say they want to lower your taxes and give you greater freedom to control your own taxation. But that is just the first shoe, my friend. ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "A 'Last Chance' Acceptable Idea"

As a resident of East Wheeling I can tell you it's a tough question to answer. American Legion Post 89 – a nuisance or not a nuisance? It's no secret some of the patrons of the place ...
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