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Blog Posts in November, 2016

Steve Novotney Says, "Locals Make It Super"

The year was 1992, and Magnolia High had climbed the Class AA bracket once again to earn a chance at winning the school's first state football championship since 1964, when the Blue Eagles ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Possibility is Fun"

We hear about the future now in Wheeling because of the development that's taking place in the downtown district for the first time in more than three decades, and it's enjoyable to think ...
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Howard's Commentary - Give the Locals a Look this Holiday

28 million small businesses exist in America and account for 54% of all US sales. Over the last 2 decades, small businesses have accounted for 65% of net new jobs. And the dollars spent in your local ...
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Howard's Commentary - Happy Thanksgiving

It's gobble gobble day! I hope it's a wonderful for you and you take time to reflect on what you're truly thankful for. This clip is a holiday treat to myself. I'm staying away from ...
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Howard's Commentary - Anger and (Pending) Disappointment in the Age of Trump

Candidate Trump campaigned as a rude, offensive, combative, name-calling, belligerent, bully. And now in the Age of President Trump, those traits are becoming the norm for his supporters. We've ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Take A Good Look"

An Open Letter to our natives visiting their hometown: It is my hope, while you are spending time with family and friends you have likely not seen since the last time you returned to the Upper Ohio ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Facts Are Facts"

It's not about getting high because it has nothing to do with the THC that provides the buzz when smoked. What medicinal marijuana is about is the provided relief without chemical addiction. ...
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Snowblower Giveaway

The Watchdog is giving away high end snow blower just in time for winter weather. It's a Troy-Bilt 24-inch electric start, self-propelled gas snow blower. To see it yourself, visit Lowe's in ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Peaking Is Good. Very Good."

It's all about peaking at the right time when the high school football playoffs begin in West Virginia and that just might be happening right now for the last remaining Wheeling-based squad now ...
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Howard's Commentary - Life is Good

I am one of the Grand Marshals for this year's Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Fantasy in Lights Parade in downtown Wheeling. It is a tremendous honor. When I was a wee one, I marched in the ...
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Howard's Commentary - Whither WV Dems?

The WV Democratic Party needs a complete overhaul. After more shocking losses this year, there can't be any denials. Something isn't being done right. Is it simply a rightward movement of the ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "You Can Connect with Government Leaders"

OVConnect is an organization here in the Upper Ohio Valley that owns just one goal – networking. Founded in 2007 by Justin Seibert, president and owner of Direct Online Marketing, the initial ...
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Steve Novotney Says, "Now What?"

By now you've at least digested the results even if you don't know what to expect from a Donald Trump presidency over the next four years. No one does. If someone insists he or she does know ...
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Howard's Commentary - Yes. He is my President

Democracy guarantees you the right to vote. It does not guarantee you the right to win. Donald J. Trump, whether you voted for him or not, whether you like him or not, whether you think he's ...
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