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Howard's Commentary - Monday Musings


HK Studio picWV's US Senator Joe Manchin mentioned as possible Trump cabinet head. If it happens, who's next for Manchin's seat?

The GOP has several strong contenders. Patrick Morrisey, Dave McKinley, Bill Cole are some names that pop quickly to my mind.

But on the Dem side, I get past Earl Ray Tomblin and I start to struggle. Booth Goodwin, former federal prosecutor and gubernatorial candidate, outgoing WV Senator Jeff Kessler, perhaps newcomer Doug Reynolds. All good men with excellent policy ideas.

But compared to the possible GOP field, none are "strong" or "obvious".

And that's the big problem plaguing Mountain State "D"s



When a multi-billion dollar corporation like Live Nation decides to trash the traditions of an iconic event like Jamboree In The Hills, I would assume they had studied, researched, and made a calculated decision which they were prepared to stand by.

I was wrong.

Less a week later they were in full retreat and reversed themselves 100%.

MORRISTOWN — After a firestorm of complaints from angry fans, Jamboree In The Hills will be returning to its original format next year.

That means it will once again be a four-day festival — July 13-16 — and coolers and beer will be allowed inside the venue.

Earlier this week, Live Nation announced the festival's name had changed to "Jambo Country,"and that people would no longer be allowed to bring coolers inside, among other changes. The morning fan run each morning at the festival site will continue to be known as the "Redneck Run."( 12-10-16)

Which seems to show this billion dollar behemoth is either a lot less smart than I thought...or have no...umm...testicular fortitude.



A quarter-century ago my news department was growing and the newsroom was running out of space. So I put a desk in a place fire code said it couldn't be (those codes are silly, right? We didn't need to save that space for an exit way).

My owner made a surprise visit and forced me to move it. I was furious!

Thevery next day our building burned to the ground and I am only alive today because the exit was clear as I ran from the building with flames literally licking my ass.

The local paper has a story about people complaining about building, safety, and fire codes.

A conversation about Wheeling's codes and their impact on development has taken shape in the last few months through various channels, including the city's ad hoc Workforce Housing Committee.

Members, tasked by Mayor Glenn Elliott to analyze the local housing market, have discussed various obstacles in the way of new construction, and the subject of building codes has been raised. ( 12-11-16)

Sure, the city should be customer friendly. But bend on the codes? If my owner had "bent" to my desk back then, I wouldn't be writing anything now.

Codes are there for a reason.