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Howard's Commentary - Gift Ideas - 2 Books and a Goat (AUDIO)

I always like recommending some different ideas for holiday gifts. This past week, I've featured a couple of good ideas on The Watchdog Morning Show.

First up--a children's book written and narrated by a man better known for calling football games, the Voice of the Mountaineers, Tony Caridi. He's written a delightful Dr. Seuss-like book that focuses on iconic locations around the Mountain State. Each page has a hidden silhouette of the state's borders, so you can play a kind of "Where's Waldo" while you read.

"This is a fast paced rhyming read which takes you to iconic locations throughout the state of West Virginia. The intent is to tell young kids about some of the great places that exist in their state," Caridi said (

Wheeling's Oglebay Park and Capital Theater both get a page in the tome, as "country roads" are rhymed with "glowing toads"

The illustrations are done by WV native Emily Huffman and help make the book come alive.

Easily ordered on You can request an autographed copy online and Tony tells me he'll be in Wheeling at Words and Music at some point as well to do a meet, greet, sale and signing.

‚ÄčAnother book offering--this time for adults--comes from the local newspapers. 50 years of photos from well known local photogs Scott McCloskey, Art Liman, and Andy Lloyd. They covered disasters, political appearances, and stories of daily life and they are all beautifully displayed in both color and black and white in an oversized hard cover "coffee table" book. Ohio Valley history buffs will love these pix.

"This book will be perfect for anyone who loves life in the Ohio Valley," said John McCabe, the newspapers' managing editor. "Andy Lloyd, Scott McCloskey and Art Limann are and were masters of their craft, and over the past 50 years their pictures have helped to tell the Ohio Valley's story. We are excited for this project, and hope you join us in this pictorial look back at our region." (The 08-27-16)

You can buy it for $29.95 on the paper's website.

And my final suggestion: give a goat. Yes, a goat. My dear friend and "Chief of the Boat" for our Talk Media News Service visits

the impoverished nation of South Sudan several times a year. She has founded charitable projects to help the residents, It's called "Goats for The Old Goat". Ellen is--by her own declaration--the old goat. On the website you can purchase goats which are then sent into pressed nation the villages.

Why Goats?

Goats can graze easily on the grasses of Southern Sudan. They provide milk (up to a liter a day) and cheese. She goats multiply. Goats are used for food and their dung is used as fertilizer. By pooling resources, neighbors can begin micro-businesses as small dairies.

So if you're looking for a gift that truly keeps on giving and helps a depressed nation, then send $60 and buy a goat (or for less you can buy a partial goat).

Those are a few fun and different gift suggestions this holiday. We'll have more ideas for you over the next few weeks if you listen to The Watchdog Morning Show.